Alpha Phi Sigma
The National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Omega Gamma Chapter

Marshall University

Chapter Officers

President: Brittany Stanley
Vice President: Angela Taylor
Secretary: Matt Cleer
Treasurer: Jami Thacker
Bylaws Chair: Jeffrey Lewis
Member at Large: Stephen Young
Activities Chair: Leanne Kocsis
Advisors: Margaret Phipps Brown
  Kimberly DeTardo-Bora

   Alpha Phi Sigma is the nationally recognized honor society for students in  criminal justice.  The society recognizes academic excellence by undergraduates, as well as graduate students of criminal justice.

   To become a member, the student must have completed one-third of their total hours required for graduation at his or her institution. The student must be recommended by the local advisor or faculty member. Undergraduates that maintain a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.2 GPA in their criminal justice courses . The student must also rank in the top 35% of their classes and have completed a minimum of four courses within the criminal justice curriculum. The honorary honorary is open to with a declared criminal justice major or minor. Graduate students are required to maintain a 3.4 GPA in all courses.

   APS offers leadership and group organizational experience to those students interested in doing a little more. Each local chapter contains four elected officer positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer). The National Officers are elected annually at the National Convention. These positions are open to nomination of active members.

   What else does Alpha Phi Sigma have to offer? APS sponsors an Annual Call for Papers competition in which students present papers pertaining to the criminal justice field. These papers are judged and awards are presented at the National Convention. Cash prizes will be awarded to the best undergraduate and graduate papers.

   The V.A. Leonard Scholarship Fund provides eligible students with the opportunity of receiving financial assistance in the form of $500 cash. Applicants must apply through the National Office for the scholarship money.



History of Alpha Phi Sigma

   In September, 1941, Dr. V.A. Leonard was asked by the President of Washington State University if he would accept the directorship of a Police Science Academic Program at Washington State. Dr. Leonard accepted the offer and became responsible for developing a four-year curriculum which would lead to a Bachelor's Degree in Police Administration.

   Upon his arrival at Washington State, Dr. Leonard began to realize how important it was that a Police Science Honorary be established. The purpose of this honorary would be to promote excellence in scholarship and performance. In January, 1942, Dr. Leonard met with seven Police Science majors at Washington State and Alpha Phi Sigma was established. Glenn Hill was elected as the first president and appointed a committee to draft the first Constitution and By-Laws.

   During its initial years Alpha Phi Sigma experienced only limited growth, but on March 24, 1975 in Dallas, Texas, the Executive Board of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences voted unanimously to designate Alpha Phi Sigma as the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. At this time, Alpha Phi Sigma ad fourteen chapters; however, since then, Alpha Phi Sigma has continued to grow and prosper at a very rapid rate and there are now over one-hundred-and-forty chapters.

   In 1981, Alpha Phi Sigma was admitted to the Association of College Honor Societies as an associate member. Over the years the national office has been located at Washington State University, Midwestern State University, Eastern Kentucky, Texas Woman's University, Fairmont State, Marshall University and Tarlenton State University.



Alpha Phi Sigma, Omega Gamma Chapter

Criminal Justice Department

Marshall University

731 Smith Hall,

One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV  25755-2662
Telephone:  (304) 696-2716
       Fax Number:  (304)696-3085

    Kimberly DeTardo-Bora


National Headquarters
Nova Southeastern University

3301 College Ave

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33314
Tel: 954-262-7004

Fax: 954-262-3646

National Executive Director:

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