IST Contact Information

Welcome to the Department of Integrated Science & Technology (IST) at Marshall! We are here to help people live up to their full potential while preparing them to be successful in their chosen careers.

Brian and Wanda can help with general questions about Integrated Science & Technology. If they don't know the answer, they usually know someone who does. If you have a question or need information about a particular program, the program directors are listed to the right to help you find that information more quickly.

Brian Morgan
Chair & Associate Professor
Office: ML 114
Phone: (304) 696-6469
Fax: (304) 696-6533
Wanda Dyke
Administrative Assistant
Office: ML 116
Phone: (304) 696-6498
Fax: (304) 696-6533

Program Contacts

Liz Murray
Biotechnology Program Director
Office: BBSC 241G
Phone: (304) 696-3515
Brian Morgan
Computer & Information Technology Program Director
Office: ML 114
Phone: (304) 696-6469
Fax: (304) 696-6533
Kimberly DeTardo-Bora
Criminal Justice & Criminology Program Director
Office: SH 736
Phone: (304) 696-3084
Fax: (304) 696-3085
John Sammons
Digital Forensics & Information Assurance Program Director
Office: PH 208
Phone: (304) 696-7241
Tom Jones
Environmental Science Program Director
Office: ML 115
Phone: (304) 696-6305
Min Kook Kim
Natural Resource & Recreation Management Program Director
Office: PH 212
Phone: (304) 696-3748
Integrated Science & Technology • One John Marshall Drive • Morrow Library 116 • Huntington, WV 25755 • (304) 696-6498