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The IST department maintains agreements with various software publishers to provide software for its computer labs as well as for its faculty, staff, and students. Students enrolled in IST department courses are eligible to receive a variety of software applications at no cost for use in their academic endeavors. This includes many of the same applications used in IST courses. All students are eligible for the program, regardless of his/her major, as long as he/she is currently enrolled in at least one IST course.

We currently hold agreements with Microsoft (DreamSpark Premium) and VMWare (VMWare Academic Program). DreamSpark provides many of Microsoft’s application development tools — such as Visual Studio — to any student for free; our DreamSpark Premium agreement expands the tools available to our students to include Windows operating systems, Visio, Project, and more. Unfortunately, DreamSpark does not include the core Microsoft Office applications — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. The VMWare Academic Program includes VMWare applications such as Workstation and Fusion.

Software available through the IST Software Store

Microsoft (DreamSpark)
  • Visual Studio
  • Visio
  • Project
  • Access
  • Windows
  • Workstation
  • Player
  • Fusion
  • eLearning

Completing Registration

Each student elligible for the program will receive an email sent to his/her Marshall email account regarding his/her store account. The email will be sent at the beginning of each semester. It will be sent from; this is not a Marshall account, so ensure that it doesn't end up in any spam filters.

  1. Follow the registration link in the notification email
    This link is customized for each user, so be sure not to share this link.
  2. Complete the Account Registration form.
    Enter your name and a password of your choosing in the fields provided. Although they use Marshall email addresses as the username, IST Software Store accounts are not tied to MUNet accounts. The passwords for an individual's store account and MUNet account do not need to be the same, and changing one will not change the other.

That's it! After completing the form, the registration will be complete. The account can then be used to purchase software in the store. Accounts will be automatically deactivated at the end of each semester. If a student enrolls in an IST course in a later semester, his/her account will be reactivated at that time.


Each account is eligible to order only one (1) of each product offered. In cases where there are multiple versions of a given product (e.g. 32-bit and 64-bit versions), each user is typically eligible to order only one version of the product. A user's eligibility for a version of a product can be viewed on the detail page for the product/version.

Microsoft products purchased through the store can generally be kept as long as desired. However, VMWare products will only remain valid for 12 months. An account will be eligible to order a product again 12 months after the previous order. Accounts must be active to place orders.

Browsing and Ordering Software

The quickest way to find a particular application is to use the Product Search near the top of each page in the store. You can also browse the available software by publisher. Microsoft software is listed under "DreamSpark Premium" and VMWare software is listed under "VMWare". Upon finding a desired application, clicking on its listing will bring up a detail page with purchase options.

During the check out process, the customer will be presented with any license agreements for the product(s) in his/her cart. He/she must accept the agreement(s) in order to complete the purchase. After accepting the agreement(s), the customer will be presented with a summary of the order; he/she must click the "Proceed with Order" button on this page to complete the order.

Upon completing an order, a receipt will be displayed. The receipt will show a summary of the order, a "Start Download" button, and serial numbers for products that require one. The download button will bring up instructions for downloading the disc image(s) and/or installer(s). The serial number(s) will be listed in red and are unique to the customer's order. A summary of the order is also sent to the customer's registered email; however, this summary does not include download information or the serial numbers. That information can be found by following the link in the email or visiting the "Your Account/Orders" link in the store.

Questions and Support

This page contains answers to many common questions regarding the IST Software Store. If you still have questions, you can ask your IST professor or contact the College of Science IT Center at

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