Volume E14            Number 2       2011


Pamela L. Mulder, Ph.D. and Okey J. Napier, M.A., Editors

Kaitlyn Goodall, Technical Editor
Claire Carpenter, M.A. & Michelle Meese, M.A., Assistants to the Editors


A Publication of

Marshall University Department of Psychology

Huntington West Virginia




Is the Web Making Rural Children Less Rural?

       Robert Andrew Dunn

Adolescent Substance Abuse in Rural and Small Urban Communities

            Ruth W. Edwards, Linda R. Stanley, Beverly S. Marquet, & Randall C. Swaim

American Indian Student Involvement in Tribal Community-Based Research: Underage Drinking Prevention among Rural Native Californians

       Juliet P. Lee, Daniel Calac, Annika C. Montag, Stephanie Brodine, Juan A. Luna, Rosalie Y. Flores, David A. Gilder, & Roland S. Moore

Eating Disordered Behavior in Rural High Schools: A Descriptive Study of Adolescent Risk and Teacher Perception

            Amanda R. Alfano, Tamara L Hodges, & Terrill Saxon

Sport Participation as a Critical Context for Physical Activity among Rural Adolescents

       Kenli Urruty

Youth Crisis Subtypes

       Steven Thurber & William Sheehan

Proactively Addressing Conduct Disorder in Rural Schools

       Breeze Rueda, Emily Ibarra, & Steve F. Bain

Rural Reality - The Revolving Role of the Rural School Counselor

       Charlotte Lawson, Alyssa Trevino, & Steve F. Bain


Editorís Corner

A call for peer reviewers: JRCP accepts manuscripts submitted by authors who are committed to rural and community research, practice and policy, not only in the United States but in other nations around the world. In addition to manuscripts submitted by psychologists and counselors, our authors have included include professionals in such diverse fields as sociology, anthropology, nursing, education, public policy, public health, medicine and many others. At this time, we are actively seeking peer reviewers willing to examine both field specific and interdisciplinary manuscripts. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for JRCP, please email the Sr. Editor at Mulder@Marshall.Edu

Specifics of the review process for JRCP: Because JRCP is interdisciplinary, our peer review and publication processes are somewhat unique. Contributors and readers are invited to view our Review Process section. Current and future reviewers are expected to be familiar with these processes.


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